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Angie Thompson

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• Special Qualifications

The moderator must have knowledge of or a willingness to learn Robert’s Rules of Order.


• Term

A moderator will serve one year.


• Duties

The chief responsibility of the moderator is to prepare for and preside at church members’ meetings; that is, to coordinate and facilitate productive members’ meetings in an orderly, efficient manner.


Annette Arrambidez


• Make-Up of the Finance Committee

The success of the church financial program is in great measure tied to the choice of qualified personnel for the finance committee. The following guide should be used in their selection:

  1. Dedication to the work of the local church body
  2. Good stewardship ability
  3. Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort
  4. Of high regard among the church membership


  1. The size of the committee is determined by the size of the congregation. It should be relatively small, with the lead pastor, the treasurer, and three members.

• Term


The finance committee members will serve two years.

• Responsibilities


Each year the committee will:

  1. Solicit, collect and study the estimated financial resources needed by asking for budgets from each of the ministry areas for its work during the following year.
  2. With these departmental requests in mind, the committee will prepare a suggested budget within the limits of the local church’s potential and present this to the local church body for approval.
  3. Present the budget to the local church body in the members meeting for final approval.
  4. The finance committee must implement the budget.
  5. The finance committee will monitor the expenditures of church funds.


Angie Thompson

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• Term


The Fellowship Director will serve for one year.


• Special Qualifications


The Fellowship Director must have a desire to promote unity within the local church body, to reach out to the community to draw them into our Fellowship in the name of Christ, and to motivate others to do the same.


• Duties


The Fellowship Director will work with the Pastor in planning and implementing Fellowships and Outreach Ministries: Fellowship Ministries – assimilating the local church body of believers, to become one in worshipping God, loving, caring for, and sharing with each other. Outreach Ministries – to design effective measures to mobilize and equip the local church body for effectively drawing others into fellowship with Christ and with the life of the local church body. This does not mean the Director must administrate every Fellowship and Outreach Ministry the local church body undertakes.

Web Coordinator

Dewayne Madison

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The web coordinator will serve a two year term, during which time they are not excluded from holding other administrative positions or other responsibilities.


• Duties

The web coordinator will:

  1. Maintain the hosting service which has already been secured at
  2. Serve as administrator for any web pages, forums, photo albums, pod casts, streaming, downloadable content, or other pages that represent Colesburg Baptist Church.
  3. Recruit team members based on needs as they may changes and assign moderators to areas that require close moderation such as forums and comments.

Trustee Chairman

Louis Thompson

  August 2022  
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